Ajay Nagarajan

Co-Founder & CEO @ Total Environment Hospitality

An engineer-turned-entrepreneur, with a love for craft beer.

For 15 years, Ajay Nagarajan worked in Texas as a technology professional with a master’s degree in electronics engineering. Along the way, he took to home-brewing, a fairly popular pastime in the US and something he had come to enjoy. Over time, Ajay became increasingly captivated by the art and the science of taking a few ingredients and turning them into the most fabulous brews. “What started off as a hobby became a serious pursuit,” says Ajay. His hobby became a professional option when he enrolled in one of America’s oldest brewing schools, The Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, to learn the art and business of brewing. Ajay then signed up for various courses to learn the art of making beer, as he became increasingly more passionate about the process. “It was about following a dream. You could even say it became an obsession,” he says. Chasing the dream, he returned to India in 2011, determined to start his own brewery. For Ajay, it all comes down to having a dream and having the ability to chase it. “It’s always worth taking the leap and following that dream,” he says. “Even in the unlikely event that the end results aren’t favorable, the journey will always be rewarding.”